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Who is ARTMIX Productions + Design? Hi I’m Patti Krohngold, Founder + Creator of ARTMIX Productions + Design. I have been in the nightclub and restaurant business in Atlanta, GA since 1986. I have created interiors for my husband, partners and others for over 30 years .


Who influenced your work? My work is influenced by Philippe Starck, Julian Schnabel and Kelly Wearstler.


What do you do each day? I wake up with my cup of coffee, feed Matilda the horse and begin my day. I travel to visit a job site or make calls to clients. I work with a very talented team of artisans so I am constantly in touch with everyone.


What is your design aesthetic? I am a chameleon, I have to be to give the client what they want. Some club owners want very high end materials that have never been used before by their competitors, such as lit onyx and gold metal. Some clients like distressed and warm materials so I seek out barn wood and antiques to use in a new way .


What is your mission statement? I have many years of experience at creating interiors that tell a story. Multiple layers of materials and original artwork to create a brand-able identity for the business owner.


Where are you located? Atlanta, Georgia.


Where do you provide services? I work with clients in and outside of Atlanta Georgia.


Where is your office? I work out of my home on 6 acres in the country, 45 minutes outside of the city.


Where did you go to school? I studied at The Savannah College of Art and Design.


When did you start the company? 1986 with the first bar that we opened called Colorbox after that I have created many many interiors for other business owners.


When are you open? 24/7


Why do you get up in the morning? I love what I do! But this wasn't always the case. After working for Starbucks in Miami with their design team of 60 designers I decided that corporate was not for me. I needed to get back to what makes me happy. I moved back to Georgia in 2013 and continued with my ART MIX business.


What’s your style of working? I am very easy to talk to. I communicate with the client at the very beginning to understand exactly what they are looking for.


How can you help your client? I have a huge imagination that I use to create these one of a kind interiors unique to the business.


How long does it take? That depends on each client and the scope of work . If I have all the information I can design an interior in one weeks time .


How do you decide who you will work with? I work with everyone. Hookah bar owners, high end restaurants, local taverns, fast food restaurants, beer breweries..... the list goes on. People see my work and find out it’s me and give me a call. It's as easy as that. I come and see the space. I have a long conversation about what the needs and wants are, what the budget is, I get a down payment, then I deliver a design video for discussion.


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